Terms & conditions

Below are the complete terms for watertaxistockholm.se and stockholmwatertaxi.nu

IN short..
  • 48h free cancelation 
  • 15% Prepayment
  • Major credit cards accepted
  • Passenger insurance
  • Catering & beverage
  • Shopping service

Article 1 - Definitions

1.1 In these General Terms and Conditions, the following words have the following meaning:
Client: natural or legal person entering into a Contract of carriage with Watertaxi Stockholm
Contract of carriage: agreement with which Watertaxi Stockholm undertakes towards the Client to provide Water taxi carriage
Hand luggage: luggage that can be easily carried or wheeled, which the Passenger has on or with him, and other movable items of the Passenger, including live animals, to the extent that Watertaxi Stockholm has permitted the carriage thereof
Passenger: person being carried by Watertaxi Stockholm in execution of the Contract of carriage
Skipper: person operating and driving the Water taxi as employee of Watertaxi Stockholm, or upon the instructions of Watertaxi Stockholm
Water taxi: the boat being used by Watertaxi Stockholm in execution of the Contract of carriage
Trip/Water taxi carriage: The agreed travel plan between Watertaxi Stockholm and the Client. Carriage of a passenger and his hand luggage by Water taxi, including the embarking and disembarking
Pier: any pier for the embarking and disembarking of a Passenger from a Water taxi

Watertaxi Stockholm: Watertaxi Stockholm/Svenska Skärgårdsfrämjandet AB Org. 556750-5242 Address: Tallgatan 16, 172 69 Sundbyberg

Article 2 - Contract of carriage

2.1 The Contract of carriage is formed as soon as the Client has accepted an offer made by Watertaxi Stockholm to enter into that agreement.
2.2 Unless stipulated otherwise, the Contract of carriage ends immediately after the Passenger has disembarked at the Pier which was agreed as final destination in the Contract of carriage.
2.3 These General Terms and Conditions apply to any Contract of carriage, also to the Passenger who is not a Client, with the exception of the provisions that only apply to the Client.
2.4 Watertaxi Stockholm has the right to make stopovers during a trip if necessary, for example in order to refuel.
2.5 Swedish law applies to the Contract of carriage and these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 3 - Obligations for Watertaxi Stockholm
3.1 Watertaxi Stockholm must carry the Passenger in a careful and safe manner.
3.2 If Watertaxi Stockholm ceases all or part of the Water taxi carriage, it must inform the Passenger without delay, if possibly by stating the reasons, the measures to be taken by it and the possible duration of the delay.
3.3 Watertaxi Stockholm collects personal data and is obliged to handle this carefully and transparently in accordance with GDPR.

Article 4 - Passenger’s obligations
4.1 Every Passenger must comply with any reasonable instructions given by Watertaxi Stockholm, during the trip and at the embarking and disembarking. These instructions may also be given by the Skipper on behalf of Watertaxi Stockholm.
4.2 If Watertaxi Stockholm need for stability and safety reasons designate the passenger to a certain seat in the Water taxi during the trip, the Passenger must take that seat.
4.3 The Passenger undertakes to refrain from:
a. any improper conduct on board the Water taxi, without being limited thereto, dangerous conduct, hindrance of the Skipper, scuffles, threats, dirtying and damage to the Water taxi.
b. conduct that complicates or obstructs the proper execution of the Contract of carriage;
c. the use of alcoholic drinks on board the Water taxi, unless with explicit consent from Watertaxi Stockholm;
d. bringing along and/or using narcotics on board the Water taxi;
e. the use of smoking tobaccos on board the Water taxi, including electronic cigarettes and suchlike unless with explicit consent from Watertaxi Stockholm;  
4.4 The Passenger undertakes to compensate the damage to Watertaxi Stockholm caused by him or his Hand Luggage to Watertaxi Stockholm, except to the extent that this damage has been caused by a circumstance that a careful passenger could not have avoided, and if such passenger could not have prevented the consequences thereof. The Passenger can not be released from such liability by invoking the capacity or a defect of his Hand luggage.
4.5 Watertaxi Stockholm uses services from Google. Users of the Watertaxi website are therefore automatically bound by the terms and conditions of Google. More information about this can be found at https://policies.google.com/terms.

Article 5 - Payment
The Client must pay a non-refundable 15% of the agreed fare in advance, in order to secure a pre booked trip. The pre-paid 15% amount is a non-refundable administrative part of the total fare cost. The rest is to be paid on board before the trip starts. 
Exceptions to the 15% policy may apply to bookings made at short notice or when booking external tonnage. (Boats owned by our partners) On these occasions, 100% prepayment normally applies.
5.1 In return for the execution of the Contract for carriage, the Client owes Watertaxi Stockholm the fare that was agreed in advance. 

5.2 Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, the Client must settle the fare to Watertaxi Stockholm before the beginning of the trip. Watertaxi Stockholm accepts payments in SEK USD & Euros. 

5.3 Payments on board of the Water taxi must be made in cash or with an electronic means of payment accepted in Sweden. Payments in cash must be made with exact money since no change is available on board.
5.4 Watertaxi Stockholm may refuse an offer to pay in coins if the number of coins is large to such an extent that the counting thereof would cause too great a delay in the opinion of Watertaxi Stockholm. 

5.5 If Watertaxi Stockholm and the Client have agreed to have the fare billed by Watertaxi Stockholm, the payment term is 10 days, to be calculated as from the billing date. 

Article 6 - Termination or cancellation of the Contract of carriage and late passenger

Watertaxi Stockholm has the right to cancel a contract of carriage due to technical problems/disease of skipper or any other equivalent reason. However before cancellation Watertaxi Stockholm is obliged make sufficient efforts to solve the problem in order to complete the contract of carriage. Watertaxi Stockholm must inform the client of any disturbance in the the companies services without delay. Upon cancellation by these reasons any pre-payment included the 15% administrative part of the fare will be refunded to the client within 5 bank days.

6.1 If the Passenger causes such hindrance that it cannot be reasonably asked from Watertaxi Stockholm that it executes the Contract of carriage, Watertaxi Stockholm may stop the trip immediately or refuse to carry it out, and in this way terminate the Contract of carriage without being any compensation due to the Client – or, if the Passenger is not a Client: to the Passenger. In that case, Watertaxi Stockholm may order the Passenger to leave the Water taxi at the closest Pier immediately. 

6.2 Upon early termination of the Contract of carriage as referred to in article 6.1, the Client is due the fare for the entire trip up to the agreed final destination, without affecting the other rights of Watertaxi Stockholm. 

6.3 The Client may cancel a pre-ordered trip before the beginning of the trip.

Customer refund policy for trip cancelled by customer:
The refund can never exceed the amount already paid by the client.
a. 48 hours prior to the Contract of carriage. 100% refund of any pre payment that may have been paid except the 15% pre-paid non refundable administrative part of the fare. b. Less than 48 hours prior to the Contract of carriage. No refund
 c. When the Passenger does not appear. No refund

Waiting for passenger
6.4 When the Passenger does not appear in time at the place that was agreed with Watertaxi Stockholm.
The Water taxi is obliged to wait for the passenger for no more than 15 minutes. After 15 minutes the Skipper has the right to cancel the trip in order to be in time for the next booked trip. No refund

6.5 The following amounts will be added to the agreed price when the passenger arrives late. 
a. SEK 00.00 for the first 15 minutes
b. SEK 500.00 for each additional 15 minutes (or part of 15 minutes)

Article 7 - Hand luggage
7.1 Each Passenger is responsible for his own Hand luggage. Hand luggage must be properly and safely packed.
7.2 Small pets may travel as Hand luggage, provided that they are carried in a basket or cage or can be transported sitting on the Passenger’s lap.
7.3 A dog that can not be carried in a basket or cage may still travel as Hand luggage, provided that it is strictly kept on a leach during the trip. Watertaxi Stockholm may request an additional fare for a dog that renders the use of a seat impossible.
7.4 A disabled Passenger accompanied by a guide dog or an assistance dog (in training) and recognizable as such may take his dog on board as Hand luggage.
7.5 If the Skipper appears to suffer from allergies to an animal from a Passenger, which animal qualifies as Hand luggage, Watertaxi Stockholm is allowed to refuse to carry out the trip. In that case, Watertaxi Stockholm will make an effort to have an alternative Water taxi carriage take place.
7.6 Watertaxi Stockholm may refuse the carriage of luggage which, by its nature, could be inconvenient, dangerous, harmful, contaminating, prohibited or not desirable on any reasonable ground on board a Water taxi. The Passenger must remove the refused luggage at his own expense and risk from the boat and keep it removed.
7.7 Watertaxi Stockholm undertakes to observe due care in order to prevent that Hand luggage gets lost or damaged.

Article 8 - Lost objects
8.1 An object or sum of money found on board the Water taxi by passenger must be handed out to Watertaxi Stockholm by the Passenger immediately. Watertaxi Stockholm will upon request issue a proof of submission to the Passenger. The Passenger does not have the right to claim for payment of finder’s reward against Watertaxi Stockholm.
8.2 Watertaxi Stockholm is entitled to sell, keep or destroy lost objects as soon as three months have passed after the day of issue.  Watertaxi Stockholm is entitled to destroy lost objects immediately if the goods is dangerous or not suitable for safekeeping.

Article 9 - Change of boat
9.1 The contractor can exchange the booked boat for another boat that holds valid certificates to carry out the task ordered by the client. 
9.2  A situation like the one above can arise if the booked boat must be taken out of traffic, due to an unforeseen event such as a machine breakdown or other damage or malfunction. Which means that the boat cannot carry out the assigned task in a satisfactory manner.
9.3 The shipping company has unanimous decision-making rights in this ruling

Article 10 - Force majeure
10.1 A shortcoming in the execution of the Contract of carriage can not be attributed to Watertaxi Stockholm if the shortcoming is not the fault of Watertaxi Stockholm and if it can not be held accountable for by law, legal transaction or common opinion (force majeure). If Watertaxi Stockholm is not able to carry out the Contract of carriage as a result of weather circumstances, this will always constitute force majeure as referred to in the preceding sentence
10.2 If Watertaxi Stockholm is not able to carry out the Contract of carriage because of force majeure, the Client as well as Watertaxi Stockholm it may dissolve the agreement immediately. In that case, Watertaxi Stockholm will pay back any amounts paid in advance by the Client within 5 bank days.
10.3 In the event of force majeure, neither the Client nor the Passenger are entitled to compensation by Watertaxi Stockholm of any damage.

Article 11 - Liability of Watertaxi Stockholm
Watertaxi Stockholm has a liability insurance for passengers and goods up to the maximum amount of SEK 100.000.000kr
11.1 Watertaxi Stockholm is liable for damage caused by the death or injury of the Passenger as a result of an accident that occurred  during the trip. Watertaxi Stockholm is not liable if the accident has been caused by a circumstance that a careful carrier could not have avoided and to the extent that such a carrier could not have prevented the consequences thereof.
11.2 The damages that Watertaxi Stockholm might be due in an event as referred to in article 10.1, first sentence, are always limited to the amount paid under the applicable liability insurance in the matter.
11.3 Watertaxi Stockholm is not liable for damage suffered by a Passenger during or as a result of his stay on the Pier, including the footbridge that connects the Pier to the shore. This exclusion does not count for damage that is the result of deliberate or intentionally reckless actions or omissions of Watertaxi Stockholm or its managers.

Article 12 – Catering food and beverage
Brought food and drinks

12.1 Brought food and beverage might be consumed on board after permission obtained from Watertaxi Stockholm or the skipper. The client is held fully responsible in cases of littering and staining of textiles and cushions.
12.2 The customer must take with him all rubbish, empty cans of recycled glass, packaging, etc. that originate from brought food and drinks.
12.3 Watertaxi Stockholm provides catering that will be available for the customer during the trip. Please see the Catering menu.
12.4 Watertaxi Stockholm takes care of all trash from catering. But the client is still held fully responsible in cases of littering and staining of textiles and cushions.
Shopping service
Watertaxi Stockholm has a shopping service, and offers to go to stores and purchase items on behalf o the customers instructions. The customer will be charged the actual cost of the items plus a fee of SEK 500kr per store visited.